Richard Allen Freedom Without Equality Is Not Freedom at All.
Francis Asbury Preacher on Horseback
Augustine From Troubled Youth to Famous Thinker
Gladys Aylward Adventures in China
J. S. Bach Soli Deo Gloria - To the Glory of God alone
Mary McLeod Bethune A Missionary to Her Own People
Dietrich Bonhoeffer The Cost of Discipleship
William and Catherine Booth God's Army
John Bunyan the Jailor's Story
John Calvin Reluctant Reformer
William Carey the Father of Modern Missions
Amy Carmichael A Helper to Trapped Kids
George Washington Carver Perseverance and Resourcefulness
Fanny Crosby the Blind Hymnwriter
Jim Elliott no Fool
Charles Finney Bold Revivalist with New Ideas
Mitsuo Fuchida The Enemy whose attack provoked America
Mary Jones "God will give me a Bible"
Adoniram Judson First missionary from the United States
C. S. Lewis An Adventure in Faith.
Eric Liddell Greater than Gold
David Livingstone Explorer, Missionary Abolitionist.
Martin Luther Father of the Reformation.
Lottie Moon The Southern Belle who went to China
Samuel Morris African Missionary to America
George Mueller Orphanages Built by Prayer
John Newton God's Amazing Grace
Origen The Stone that sharpens us all
Rosa Parks the Bus Ride that Changed America
Patrick From Slave to Missionary
Perpetua Her Prison Became Her Palace.
Polycarp Courage on Display
Robert Raikes How We Got Sunday School
Nate Saint Fit to Fly... for God.
Ida Scudder Reluctant Missionary.
Menno Simons Pioneering a Way of Peace
Mary Slessor Part 1: The Worst Place on Earth.
Mary Slessor Part 2: White Ma of Calabar.
Sojourner Witness to the Truth.
Squanto the First Thanksgiving.
Hudson Taylor Fit to Serve
Corrie Ten Boom A Risk Worth Taking.
Harriet Tubman Freedom or Death.
William Tyndale He Was an Outlaw for God
John Wesley Father of Methodism
Phillis Wheatley a Slave no More
George Whitefield From School-Dropout to Open-Air Evangelist.
William Wilberforce Stopped a Big Evil
Richard Wurmbrand the Voice of the Martyrs