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25th August 2013 - the 220th anniversary of the opening of Australia's first church.

Australia's first Church used as a schoolhouse during the week near Circular Quay, Sydney
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The first church in Australia was opened in 1793 on the 25 August and it was used during the week as a schoolhouse with 150-220 children educated under the "superintendance of the clergy". The Bicentenary of this event was held in 1993 commencing with a march of 3,000 Christian school pupils from the Domain via Richard Johnson Square to the Opera House led by Mounted Police and the Corrective Services Dept Band. The band itself claims to be the oldest Service band in Australia going back to the convict guards and the Royal Marines. Other bands included were the King's School Military Band and the Scot College Pipe and Drum Band.

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Christian Schools celebrate the Bicentenary in 1993

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