Our Australian Christian Heritage

This 97 slide presentation contains extensive notes, pictures and maps detailing much of Australia's Christian history. It can be viewed in the following ways:


The Hon Tony Abbott MP

Visit this website to learn more about Australia's National flag.

"Under this flag we have found unity in our diversity and respect in our differences. Together, we have built a modern nation on the idea that all of us can get ahead provided we are prepared to have a go".

What's the Union Jack doing in our national flag?
Download this article to find out.

Union Jack in the Australian Flag

The meaning of our flag

Just what does the design of our national flag mean?


Don't go to Gilgandra or you will get converted:

A story of the Aboriginal Naden family

Historical Revisionism in the National Curriculum by Prof Augusto Zimmerman

Professor Zimmerman explores the impact of Christianity on human rights and constitutionalism.

Australia's Christian Foundation and Heritage

Dr Graham McLennan Jan 2014
2500 words

Australia's Christian Foundation and Heritage Jan 2014