'Women Pioneers of Australia': A/Prof Stuart Piggin

A talk given at the anniversary of the first Christian Service on Australian Soil, 3 February 2019, Richard Johnson Square, Bligh St Sydney

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Australian surgeon Catherine Hamlin has just celebrated her 90th birthday, and for most people, this would be a good enough reason to slow down.


Read this article on Gladys Staines and her missionary service to the Indian community.

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Alfred Deakin

Alfred Deakin, Australia's second Prime Minister was one of the worlds greatest orators of his time. He is the Father of Federation and the man who established Australia's early foundations. His only desire was to serve his nation without seeking any titles or honours, he simply wanted to do the will of God. He was as great a leader as Abraham Lincoln, Sir Winston Churchill or Nelson Mandella and Australian's need to honour and be proud of his achievements. He was a humble man who had a deep spiritual connection with the God of the bible which motivated him to say in 1905 "Jesus Christ is the life of the present, the light of the future and the hope of the world"

Watch this video about the life of Alfred Deakin.

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Speech on the Reverend Richard Johnson

Speech on the Reverend Richard JohnsonDownload this document to read the speech.

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Dr Fred Schwarz: Little Known Australian Who Helped Change World History.

By Graham McLennan

Read more about this little Australian who play a big part in changing world history.

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Margaret Court is Australia's most successful and celebrated tennis player of all time. Download the article to learn more.

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Ramon William is a hero of Australian Christian Media. Download the article to learn more and view the photo slideshow to learn more.

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The Story of
John G. Paton


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James Chalmers His Autobiography and Letters

By Richard Lovett, M.A.

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The Life of John Hunt Missionary to the Cannibals in Fiji

By George Stringer Rowe

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The Life Story on an Australian Evangelist

By William George Tayor

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