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Special Feature

Crowning of Queen Elizabeth 11 (4:27 minutes)

Full length Christian Coronation Service of Queen Elizabeth II, digitally restored. One hour 18 minutes. Includes over 40 minutes of pageantry

Full Text of the Coronation Service.

The QUEEN and the Christian Connection. Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen who 'looks both ways'.
God's servant.

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Listen as Neil Johnson interviews author John Moses, courtesy of Vision Christian Radio.

Part 1:
A discussion of the Christian foundations of ANZAC Day.

Part 2:
This discussion about the Christian foundations of ANZAC Day continues.


To hear more ANZAC audio go here

To see a video of Japanese Commander Captain Mitsuo Fuchida who commenced the WW11 Pacific War later giving his life to Christ go here

Feature Article

We're 40 indigenous people from across Australia.

Our walk with Jesus has transformed our lives, our families and our communities.

Please visit http://40stories.com.au/

A tribute to Australian Christians

The purpose of this Tribute to Influential Australian Christians website is to provide one form of acknowledgement of the Christian men and women who have contributed to the development of the Australian nation, in which we are now privileged to live. List of influential Australian Christians


Our Christian Heritage

This 97 slide presentation is a comprehensive overview of Australia's Christian Heritage.

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John Flynn interactive

Take an interactive journey through the life of the man who started the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

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Senator Scott Ryan http://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Parliamentarian?MPID=I0Q ) set the record for the biggest Bible at the swearing in of the Abbott Ministry. It’s actually a family Bible from the 1880s, carried at the request of his 94-year-old grandmother.

Robert Garran the son of a Congregational minister helped draft Australia's Federal Constitution and was appointed the Secretary to the Attorney General's dept on the 1 January 1901, becoming Australia's first federal public servant, wrote this poem:

"Help us build a nation,
A people proud and free -
Proud of our high vocation,
Humble, O Lord, to Thee.
Aflame with high endeavour,
Though many paths be trod,
Keep us united ever,
One people, serving God." 
By Robert Randolph Garran.

National Christian Heritage Sunday http://www.nchs.net.au/ celebrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ arriving on Australia's shores. Australia's first minister was the Reverend Richard Johnson. He arrived with the first fleet. On 3rd February 1788 Rev. Johnson held the first Christian service in Australia. The day will now be celebrated on the first Sunday in February each year. The date for 2019 will be Sunday 3rd February.

On this website you will find information and resources about;
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